Digital Radiology

We have a digital radiography system that allows us to detect lesions or pathological conditions. Thanks to digital technology we do not have to develop radiological films. The results are obtained almost instantly. We also have a digital dental x-ray machine.

On-site laboratory

Nearly all blood and urine tests are performed here in the clinic. Thus, the results can be obtained in less than 30 minutes. Our on-site laboratory helps us to quickly detect anomalies and make a quick decision on further diagnosis or the initiation of treatment.
We recommend performing a blood test regularly for senior animals.


We now offer the ultrasound examination which is conducted by Dr. Quirion-Sicard. It allows us to detect many problems while being non-invasive. We can detect certain medical conditions that radiography can not specify.

Blood pressure

High blood pressure in our patients is often linked to kidney problems or thyroid gland. We now have a Pet Map device designed specifically for taking pressure in cats and dogs. It allows us to make very accurate blood pressure easily, quickly and without stress to the animal.